Psyche and Soma,  Soul and Body

Alternate words for psyche and soma, are the words soul and body. Our diet is best when it nourishes both the soul and the body. Foods should not be viewed as a threat or something with calories or toxic matter that are out to get you. 

Our soul starves when we see food only as fuel and food preparation as only a means to an end. This type of position, reflected in our patriarchal stance of having to " have control over our food intake" is not soulful. Rather, a playful interaction with the sensuality, aroma, color, and symbolism of food will be a guide to you in establishing a healthy meeting between psyche and soma which can transform your life, your perspective and attitude regarding the very root sources that sustain your life--food. 

In psychology, we spend much more time concerned with theories based on human aggression, sexuality, learning behavior, than we do with something so fundamental and intimate to us all, our relationship with food. Western medicine overemphasis on pathology narrows our view of food, food preparation, cooking, eating, digestion, absorption and elimination as basic to our human existence. These fundamental resources in our lives are not given the power to act as "transcendent functions" or mediating agents to feed body and soul. 


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