Dream Journal

Did you have a dream or did the dream have you?

Welcome to your dream journal. This offers you a guide to dream activation. The goal of this process is to look at the dream as your body's vehicle of expression and communication.

By doing Dream Activation you will:

  • Revitalize your soul
  • Give life to the dream itself 
  • Explore how your body communicates through image
  • View yourself in relationship with the synchronicity in the world and in the collective unconscious
  • Gain insight into how your body communicates through symptom and dream 
  • Take action to be an active participant in your own healing process. 

Four Stages to Dream Activation

  • Stage 1 requires your input.
  • Stage 2 engages with Dr. John to develop your associations and amplifications to the collective unconscious and world unconscious (divinity in nature). 
  • Stage 3 involves activating your dream through ritual and/or creative expression. 
  • Stage 4 looks at physical and/or emotional symptoms and the activated dream content or image.

Three ways to record your dream

Read this first

  1. Email your dream to The Psychesoma Center by completing this form. 

  2. Go to the Printer-Friendly Dream Journal Page and Print it. Handwrite your response and mail it to Dr. Jean John

  3. Use your own journal. For guidance, click here