Stage 2 of Dream Activation

Engage with Dr. John to develop your associations and amplifications to the collective unconscious and world unconscious (divinity in nature). 


Stage 2
  1. Consider the mythological or fairytale overtones or threads in the dream plot or storyline. For example, John asks me to make chocolate chip cookies for the lost boys, may suggest a theme from Peter Pan.

  2. Consider the imagery of the dream in terms of a god, goddess, totem, shaman, spiritual presence, great teacher. 

  3. The phenomenology of the dream is the study of the relationship between the body and the world's body. Phenomenology recovers through the experiential re-remembering of the body, the body's erotic desire in the world. For example, a dream may have the feeling of an initiation into the realm of eternal life. 


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Recording Your Dream In a Journal

Three ways to record your dream

  1. Email your dream to The Psychesoma Center by completing this form. 

  2. Go to the Printer-Friendly Dream Journal Page and Print it. Handwrite your response and mail it to Dr. Jean John

  3. Use your own journal. For guidance, click on My Dream Journal

My Dream Journal