Stage 3 of Dream Activation

Activating your dream through ritual and/or creative expression. 


Stage 3

Activating your dream or dream image. Involves meditation, movement and choosing a vehicle for creative expression. You will be giving your dream or dream image a life of its own. It will be an invaluable resource to you. This process involves some time and commitment, but is worth it. Upon waking while lying in bed take a few moments to admire the dream. Philosopher, Gaston Bachelard offers a clue as to how to listen to the gestures or stories of the dream world, "One enters the world by admiring it." Admiring a dream is non-judgmental; it is simply admiring the simplicity, complexity, the color, beauty, sensuality, bodily feelings, and the emotional tone of the dream.


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Recording Your Dream In a Journal

Three ways to record your dream

  1. Email your dream to The Psychesoma Center by completing this form. 

  2. Go to the Printer-Friendly Dream Journal Page and Print it. Handwrite your response and mail it to Dr. Jean John

  3. Use your own journal. For guidance, click on My Dream Journal

My Dream Journal