The Psychesoma Center is located in Santa Barbara, California, within a beautiful setting, encompassed by the healing power of nature. 

Doorway to The Psychesoma Center dance studio

Psychesoma Center Services Available

The subtle body is the realm where psyche (the soul) and soma (the body) meet. Through her own research, Dr. John of the Psychesoma Center believes nourishing soul and body can manifest a creative life force that can be a powerful tool for inner transformation.

By working both biochemically and metaphorically, the realm of the subtle body is accessed and activated. A treatment plan is constructed around the 3 Ds to provide a 3-dimensional approach. 

First, the individualís nutritional status is assessed, and nutritional recommendations are made based on the individualís needs and requirements. 

Sessions are designed to allow the body symptom to speak and express itself through:

  • Body-centered, Psyche-centered Counseling
  • Dream work and Imagery
  • Drawing
  • Dance and/or Movement. 

The body tells its story through dreams, gesture and movement.

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For an appointment, phone (805) 563-2217

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