Patient Testimonials


"I am a fast-moving administrative assistant.  Over time, I lost touch with my body.  With Jean's help, I realized that I had become a talking head, going through life from the neck up, eating anything and everything, working hard and trying to get through the day.  Jean opened a new door for me.  She helped me revive, reenergize and nurture an awareness of the connectedness of body, spirit, thinking mind, and soul.  I feel whole again, filled with daily delight at the beauty of the world.  Dr. John uses basic body truths, myths, symbols, stories, improvisational art, music, movement and dance, as well as conversational therapies to continually free the imagination and lift the spirit.  This helped me to quiet an emptiness inside that I was filling with food. " -- Z.B.   

"Dr. Jean John has been an invaluable source of support and guidance to me. She has a great deal of wisdom and foresight that distinguishes her amongst the various therapists, counselors and spiritual guides I have encountered in my search for greater understanding of myself and my life. I would recommend her to anyone seeking enrichment, growth and reflection for themselves." --- S.T.

"Dr. Jean John has great compassion and understanding. My daughter felt completely safe with her. She could talk to her about everything and knew she would be understood, supported and guided. Dr. Jean John is a God-send." ---T.F.

"Wonderfully helpful. This treatment helped me make positive changes to regain my health and live life instead of just getting through it." --- W.D.










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